Only current members of the Urban Meadow in good standing (that is, who have fulfilled volunteer commitments) may reserve the Meadow for parties. While the Meadow is an open space and the public is welcome to come when the garden is open, only current members will be able to use the Meadow's equipment and reserve space. Members who have paid the annual fee will be given access to a shared calendar to reserve 3 hour time slots. The fee for parties is $40. See below for party guidelines. 

Guidelines for parties, for Urban Meadow members only:

1. Only members of the Urban Meadow may have parties in the garden. Please do not schedule a party for someone who is not a member. (The only exception is a very few local schools and other groups we allow to use the garden - the coordinators will consider those requests.)

2. Parties are $40 for a 3-hour time block, payable to one of the coordinators or via paypal.  If your party is rained out or has to be cancelled, you'll get a refund.  Please include your name and email on our shared calendar when you schedule the event.

3. Check the calendar for already scheduled events.  There are only two larger events allowed at the garden per day. Make sure that you are entering your event on our shared Gmail calendar - if you accidentally do it only on your own personal calendar, no one else will be able to see your event, and another event might be scheduled at the same time. 

4. You may use the equipment in the shed during your party.  That includes chairs, umbrellas, tents, toys, small swimming pools, etc.  Everything must be cleaned up and put away nicely afterward.  If anything breaks, alert the coordinators right away.  Thoroughly clean all garbage up after the party - full cans may be left outside the garden fence.  If you use the fire hydrant to run a sprinkler or fill pools, the wrench and cap MUST be returned to the shed and the water must be turned off when you leave, unless there is a prior arrangement to water the garden. 

5. Keep in mind that community gardens are open - no event is strictly private. People might come into the garden during your event.  You may not tell them to leave.

Classes and other activities

Members of the Urban Meadow are welcome to schedule fun activities and events.  If you have an idea, just talk it over with the coordinators.  If it's a go, schedule the activity on the calendar, get the supplies (you'll be reimbursed), and let other members know about the event. 

There have been a variety of activities at the Meadow including yoga and pilates classes. Instructors may charge a suggested donation, and give a small donation to the garden. For all of the details, please contact us at

Larger scale events and concerts

Occasionally at the coordinator's discretion, the Urban Meadow may be reserved for a fee for larger scale parties and events by people who are not members- this has been mainly done for local schools and community groups. Please contact the coordinators at for more information.